Klein JAN and the Kalahari: Michelin-star magic in the middle of nowhere

  In 2021, Jan added another impressive feat to his resume with the opening of his third restaurant, Klein JAN. But rather than choosing a bustling international capital or a popular city in his homeland, Jan looked to the vast, burnt beauty of the Kalahari, and decided to start there. Tracing Jan’s journey into the […]

The 17 best wildlife-focused experiences in Africa

1. Gorilla trekking in Central Africa Nothing quite prepares you for the moment you come upon a gorilla family in the wild. The first glimpse of black as a juvenile jumps off a nearby branch, a toddler clings to its mother’s back and a giant silverback rises to size you up. For many people, it’s […]

The Kruger Shalati Hotel is putting community back on track with local style

The park was declared a conservation zone in 1920, but initial plans did not include sightseeing facilities. One hundred years ago, it seemed no civilised traveller would want to witness these unruly wilds. Or did they? Before campgrounds sprung up, a trip by train was the only way to visit this game reserve. Early tourists […]

Discover Africa’s Heavenly Dark Sky Places

The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) is the globally recognised authority on light pollution and dedicated to preserving dark spaces around the world. Its list of certified International Dark Sky Places are selected because of the starry quality of the night skies and protected because of the scientific, natural, environmental, and cultural importance of its nocturnal […]

Why the road to Die Hel is an off-road explorer’s dream

  The Swartberg Mountains’ dirt road and sheer drops make for a thrilling excursion, and takes about an hour to complete, making it a popular day trip. Like many mountain passes, there aren’t many offshoot routes. In fact, on the Swartberg Pass, there’s just one – and it leads straight to a fertile valley that […]

An expert lists 6 of South Africa’s best, most wonderfully wild, walking safaris

I had a few surprises when researching my new book Walking Safaris of South Africa, and one was the range of walking options. My favourite style is backpacking, but it turns out that most experiences are a lot more comfortable: from free-roaming slackpacking to comfortable trails camps and fine luxury lodges, there’s something for every […]

The 10 Best Safari Destinations for First-timers to Africa

While internet research is handy, it’s always more efficient to talk to an expert. Safaris are highly specialised trips and our experienced team, who have been all over Africa, can break down the different options for you simply and easily. The first thing we suggest is to choose between East Africa and Southern Africa. East […]

The story of South Africa’s last forest elephant

Extending from the small gateway city of George and creeping along the coast and past sleepy towns such as Knysna and Sedgefield, the region’s green tendrils spill over onto the Indian Ocean shoreline, abutted by the Outeniqua mountains further inland. Outeniqua yellowwoods, Cape beech, and stinkwoods tower above the forest floor, harboring shy inhabitants in its […]