Why Lamu is one of the Indian Ocean’s best-kept secrets

  1. The oldest Swahili settlement Lamu Town, located on Lamu Island, is the oldest Swahili settlement along the East African coast, stretching from Kenya through Tanzania to Mozambique, and including Zanzibar and The Comoros. For centuries, the local Swahili people proved to be prolific traders along this route and their legacy is evident in […]

What the heck is a carbon-neutral safari anyway?

Emboo River Camp - Mara 2030

In a much grander gesture, the iconic African wildlife destination made a pioneering commitment during COP26. The Kenyan government recently announced that all vehicles and operations across the Maasai Mara and other natural areas must only rely on renewable energy. Situated within the National Reserve, Emboo River Camp is one sustainable safari lodge that’s ahead […]

A behind-the-scenes safari with Governors’ Mugie House

Governors' Camp collection Mugie House

Kenya’s Laikipia Plateau is considered the country’s pastoral heartland, dominated by livestock farms harkening back to the colonial era. It’s also an essential wildlife corridor connecting West Laikipia to the highlands of Mount Kenya. In recent years, the landscape has morphed into one of East Africa’s most exclusive safari destinations, brimming with wildlife, dotted with […]

Climbing Mt. Kenya: A guide to The Mountain of God

When the chance came along to explore Mt. Kenya for five days, I jumped at it. I had the chance of seeing it through my own eyes and the eyes of my guide (Jacob), the cook (Jose) and the porter (Tesh). These three people were the backbone of my explorations of Mt. Kenya. How to […]

Safari Rally: The Greatest Show on Earth

Ask any Kenyan above the age of 30 what their favourite childhood memory was and the Safari Rally would rank right up there. The country would be united over the Easter period as heroes and legends were born during the tough cross-country race. Schools and businesses would be closed ‘unofficially’ to ensure everyone watched the […]

The Legend of Notch, King of the Maasai Mara

This incredible coalition was unlike any that had ever been seen before. The strangest thing was that it was made up of a father and his five sons. This was unheard of in the lion kingdom. The young lions might have killed their father, but it goes to show how feared Notch was and how […]

The 6 best peaks to summit in Africa

1. Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania At 5 895m, Africa’s tallest mountain is also the highest freestanding peak in the world, which means that as you climb you don’t stare onto surrounding mountains but rather across the African savannah far below. Lying in Tanzania, Kilimanjaro is the most popular of the world’s seven summits (the highest mountain […]

A culinary guide to Kenya’s land of trees and honey

Watamu Kenya Foodie Guide

An apiarist, Abbas was showing me around his farm, a smallholding between Watamu and Gede, and sharing his beekeeping story. We stood together in the shade of a mango tree that dripped with fruit. Above him, three beehives painted an equally mango shade of yellow were strung up in the boughs. “There are 400 beekeeping […]

Will Burrard-Lucas on photographing Laikipia’s mythical Black Leopards

I overheard the villagers say that the owner of the conservancy, Kuki Gallman, had brought several of these animals from Italy. Back at my aunt’s ranch we excitedly told her about the sighting. She told us it was probably a black leopard – she had seen them over the years in a tree nearby. There […]