What is World Female Ranger Day?

What is world female ranger day

Not to be confused with World Ranger Day celebrated on 31 July 2021, World Female Ranger Day celebrated on 23 June hopes to amplify the female presence protecting the wild. Field guides decode the wild for guests who go on safari. They are the people who lead game drives or walking safaris, translating the bush […]

Saving Kenya’s last Super Tuskers

Then she appears! Mudanda, as she was known, slowly makes her way to the water and starts drinking. You fumble with the camera, overcome by the moment and sighting of this magnificent animal. After a series of attempts at capturing its greatness, you just let it be and place the camera by your side. She […]

Africa’s Top 9 Conservation-led Safaris

Mara Conservancies walking safari Asilia

The World Travel and Tourism Council offers some figures. In 2019 wildlife-based tourism generated more than US$29 billion annually for Africa and employed 3.6 million people. The entire School of Wildlife Conservation (SoWC) revolves on the premise that to improve wildlife conservation in Africa truly; it must be owned and driven by Africans, benefit people, […]