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A first for large African mammals: DNA used to count Gabon’s endangered forest elephants

Across the African continent the populations of both species of African elephants – forest and savanna – have been declining due to habitat loss, poaching and human-wildlife conflict. Maybe a key to their salvation lies in their dung?

8 months ago

What the heck is a carbon-neutral safari anyway?

Emboo River Camp is seriously sustainable and we're obsessed.

10 months ago

Margot Raggett on Compiling Conservation Book Remembering African Wild Dogs

African Wild Dogs are misunderstood, persecuted and now critically endangered — acclaimed photographer Margot Raggett sheds light on this unique species.

10 months ago

The mysterious lives of Mafia Island’s whale sharks

Cousin to cultured Zanzibar, Mafia Island is Tanzania's smaller and lesser-known island destination. Lying some 160km to the south, it’s also the domain of ocean giants.

11 months ago

Africa’s Top 9 Conservation-led Safaris

Travelling to Africa is more meaningful than you think. These conservation-led safaris make all the difference for a wilder world

12 months ago

Swapping a successful conservancy for the classroom – and why it matters for African conservation

The founder of Kenya's Ol Pejeta conservancy talks about Tinder for endangered species and the word 'conservation'.

1 year ago

The Day May Break: Nick Brandt’s powerful take on climate change

Nick Brandt has been capturing East Africa since 2002 and has published four critically acclaimed books over the last two decades. His latest book tackles climate change and might be his most hopeful project yet.

1 year ago

The 17 best wildlife-focused experiences in Africa

Africa is the continent that makes you feel most alive. And these are its most exhilarating experiences…

2 years ago

Crypto-conservation: can blockchain save our birds – and other beasts?

The Seychelles magpie-robin was once one of the rarest birds in the world. Now you can own one? And it's being called conservation? Let's break down the mind-bending potential of blockchain.

2 years ago

Why Prints for Wildlife is a story of hope

Two photographers used their networks to raise funds for conservation, leading to one of the most inspiring stories in 2020.

2 years ago

New paths, old roads: how conservationists are restoring traditional migratory routes

In the 19th-century, European powers defined borders across Africa, with little thought for the communities and wildlife that called the landscape home. Today, conservationists are forging new paths through old wildlife corridors.

2 years ago

What is World Female Ranger Day?

Less than 11% of the global wildlife ranger workforce is female. World Female Ranger Day is hoping to change that.

2 years ago

The Legend of Notch, King of the Maasai Mara

The Maasai Mara is famous for the wildebeest migration but one lion and his sons notoriously dominated the landscape for a decade.

2 years ago

Will Burrard-Lucas on photographing Laikipia’s mythical Black Leopards

Is it a panther? A dog? Pure legend? Laikipia's black leopards have been steeped in mystery and rumour until Will Burrard-Lucas got the world talking with stunning photos of this elusive cat.

2 years ago

5 African cats you probably haven’t heard about

Sure, you’ve heard about the BIG cats and they’re probably all on your safari bucket-list – but there are more curious felines to the African continent than the lion, leopard and cheetah.

2 years ago

Saving Kenya’s last Super Tuskers

Fewer than 20 of these incredible beasts walk the earth.

2 years ago

In Photos: venture through Uganda’s riveting Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

In 1981, 250 mountain gorillas roamed the world. That number has soared to 1060, making gorilla trekking one of Africa's greatest conservation success stories.

2 years ago

12 Enthralling African destinations to add to your wander-list for 2021

2020 taught us many lessons. Chief among them? Never take travel for granted ever again.

2 years ago

These bush stories explain why Mana Pools is considered one of Africa’s best parks

Maybe no other reserve is spoken of with as much reverence as Mana Pools. It’s the park-lover’s park, what guides dream of and where hard-core campers often return. We spoke to local experts and lifelong visitors to find out why.

2 years ago

Have you heard of Africa’s ‘other’ great wildebeest migration?

East Africa’s iconic Great Migration has been called ‘The greatest show on earth’, but there’s a Zambian version that some say is even better.

2 years ago

The story of South Africa’s last forest elephant

Local lore has long whispered of the presence of the Knysna elephants, even though sightings were nothing but hearsay for decades.

2 years ago