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Margot Raggett on Compiling Conservation Book Remembering African Wild Dogs

African Wild Dogs are misunderstood, persecuted and now critically endangered — acclaimed photographer Margot Raggett sheds light on this unique species.

1 year ago

The Day May Break: Nick Brandt’s powerful take on climate change

Nick Brandt has been capturing East Africa since 2002 and has published four critically acclaimed books over the last two decades. His latest book tackles climate change and might be his most hopeful project yet.

2 years ago

How hot air ballooning over Sossusvlei marked the start of Namibia’s desert tourism

Floating high over the sprawling dunes of the Namib sand sea on a crisp morning is not only a bucket list adventure. It also tells the story of desert tourism.

2 years ago

In Photos: venture through Uganda’s riveting Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

In 1981, 250 mountain gorillas roamed the world. That number has soared to 1060, making gorilla trekking one of Africa's greatest conservation success stories.

3 years ago

In Photos: Benin Voodoo Festival

Benin’s famous Voodoo Festival is celebrated in the city of Ouidah every year in January, involving animal sacrifice, traditional masks and worshippers dressed as clan spirits.

3 years ago