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Exploring Mount Mulanje: Malawi’s Island in the Sky

An unusual mountain in Malawi offers one of Africa's best hiking experiences.

3 months ago

Discover Africa’s last old-growth forests, the earth’s second green lung

While a rainforest once spanned the continent, Africa is now home to just 8% of the world’s ancient woodlands.

3 months ago

So, what exactly is the story of Great Zimbabwe?

Great Zimbabwe is the largest ancient structure in Africa south of the Sahara, and one of the most culturally important archaeological sites on the continent.

6 months ago

A behind-the-scenes safari with Governors’ Mugie House

A Kenyan lodge promises crowd-free game viewing and a safari model changing the nature of conservation tourism as we know it.

6 months ago

Climbing Mt. Kenya: A guide to The Mountain of God

“A sunrise on Mt. Kenya is like watching God paint.”

9 months ago

Have you heard of the lunar rainbow at Victoria Falls?

Nature's spellbinding nocturnal phenomenon. ‘The Smoke That Thunders’ is one of the few places on earth where you can see moonbow.

10 months ago

Why the Magoroto Forest is described as Africa’s ‘Bali’

Magoroto Forest has been described as ‘Africa’s Bali’. So what makes this place special?

11 months ago

Two astonishing new UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Africa

Only rare and exceptional places grace this esteemed catalogue. The two newest additions in Gabon and Côte d'Ivoire have refuelled our desire to venture to more underrated corners of the continent.

12 months ago

The 7 most famous baobabs in Africa

More than the lion, Serengeti or Kilimanjaro, we think that the baobab tree best represents Africa.

1 year ago

The movie-star qualities of Aït Benhaddou

Along a former caravan route, between the Sahara and Marrakech, there lies an ancient city that has appeared in Game of Thrones, Laurence of Arabia and Gladiator.

1 year ago

The forgotten mountains of the Sahara

A mystic's hermitage, a queen's tomb, and more discoveries in this extinct volcanic plateau.

1 year ago

Is Kahuzi-Biéga National Park Congo’s best-kept secret?

One of the last refuges of the endangered eastern lowland gorilla.

1 year ago

The Kruger Shalati Hotel is putting community back on track with local style

Kruger Shalati is not only a refreshingly swanky hotel offering, but a stay with upliftment at its heart.

1 year ago

Operation Noah’s Ark: the largest animal relocation in history

To some, Noah’s Ark is a story from the bible. To others, a failed WWII plan. For a group of conservationists, it was a daring conservation dream put into practice.

1 year ago

Discover Africa’s Heavenly Dark Sky Places

Africa is home to just two Dark Sky Places, both in Southern Africa. These two destinations offer unmatched stargazing opportunities, especially to see the Milky Way.

1 year ago

The remarkable reimagining of Zakouma National Park

The story of Zakouma is an unlikely tale of a park rising from the ashes and one of the most spectacular transformations in all of Africa.

1 year ago

Why the road to Die Hel is an off-road explorer’s dream

A semi-desert oasis awaits in an isolated kloof known as South Africa’s lost valley. Locals call it Gamkaskloof. Outsiders call it Die Hel.

1 year ago

Let’s discuss a legendary mountain range called the Mountains of the Moon

This collection of peaks was whispered about for decades during the exploration era, often in the same breath as the source of the Nile. Today, there is one mountain range on the continent most often celebrated as antiquity’s Mountains of the Moon.

1 year ago

Explore Angola’s vibrant Luanda – and venture beyond the capital – when travel resumes

Angola implemented a more welcoming visa policy in 2020 to position itself as a new-frontier travel destination. A year later, we’re curious – where does this rising tourism star stand now?

1 year ago

6 reasons why Rubondo Island in Tanzania is unlike any island you’ve ever been on

Travellers with a sense of adventure and appreciation for destinations far from Tanzania’s well-worn tourist circuits will love this freshwater island paradise.

2 years ago

These bush stories explain why Mana Pools is considered one of Africa’s best parks

Maybe no other reserve is spoken of with as much reverence as Mana Pools. It’s the park-lover’s park, what guides dream of and where hard-core campers often return. We spoke to local experts and lifelong visitors to find out why.

2 years ago

Ngorongoro Crater: a Garden of Eden in the remnants of a volcano

There is one safari destination that is a world of its own - a truly unique microcosm encased within towering natural walls crafted by Mother Nature’s own hand.

2 years ago

What’s so special about Baines’ Baobabs anyway?

In arid Botswana, a bevvy of Baobabs stand sentinel over an ancient inland sea. Now void of water for most of the year, these rugged trees owe their notoriety to a watercolour painting some 160 years old. 

2 years ago