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Sudan has twice as many pyramids as Egypt – this is their little-told story

200 pyramids populate desert sands near the ancient city of Meroë, standing testament to a largely untold chapter of African history.

4 weeks ago

Zimbabwe’s brilliant female environmental lawyer (and urban farmer) shares her Harare

Boasting a long list of accolades, Takudzwa Mutezo tells us about the best museums, bars and markets to visit in her guide to Harare.

3 months ago

Two astonishing new UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Africa

Only rare and exceptional places grace this esteemed catalogue. The two newest additions in Gabon and Côte d'Ivoire have refuelled our desire to venture to more underrated corners of the continent.

9 months ago

This man wants to reclaim Africa’s lost art

It's estimated that 90-95% of Africa’s known heritage is housed outside of the continent. There's now a growing movement to address this.

1 year ago

A culinary guide to Kenya’s land of trees and honey

Watamu is not your typical foodie destination, but it’s a favourite among Italians who are rarely wrong about gourmet goodness.

1 year ago

Who are the Hyena Men of Nigeria?

One of the world’s most extraordinary street gangs, this travelling circus uses an intoxicating mix of voodoo and dangerous animals to make a living.

1 year ago

From Cape Town to the cups of royals, writers and revolutionaries: the wine that put South Africa’s vineyards on the map

Loved by Napoleon, immortalised by Austen, and requested in royal courts across Europe and by America's founding fathers, a Constantia wine's unlikely origins brought global acclaim to South Africa's vineyards and continues to do so today.

1 year ago

12 Enthralling African destinations to add to your wander-list for 2021

2020 taught us many lessons. Chief among them? Never take travel for granted ever again.

1 year ago

In Photos: Benin Voodoo Festival

Benin’s famous Voodoo Festival is celebrated in the city of Ouidah every year in January, involving animal sacrifice, traditional masks and worshippers dressed as clan spirits.

2 years ago

8 Matrilineal African tribes worth knowing about

Ever heard the phrase ‘it’s a man’s world’? We've honed in on eight fascinating tribes where it pays - sometimes literally - to be a woman.

2 years ago