These are our favourite places in Africa.

What is World Female Ranger Day?

Less than 11% of the global wildlife ranger workforce is female. World Female Ranger Day is hoping to change that.

3 days ago

The forgotten mountains of the Sahara

A mystic's hermitage, a queen's tomb, and more discoveries in this extinct volcanic plateau.

6 days ago

Is Kahuzi-Biéga National Park Congo’s best-kept secret?

One of the last refuges of the endangered eastern lowland gorilla.

2 weeks ago

The Legend of Notch, King of the Maasai Mara

The Maasai Mara is famous for the wildebeest migration but one lion and his sons notoriously dominated the landscape for a decade.

3 weeks ago

The Kruger Shalati Hotel is putting community back on track with local style

Kruger Shalati is not only a refreshingly swanky hotel offering, but a stay with upliftment at its heart.

3 weeks ago

Operation Noah’s Ark: the largest animal relocation in history

To some, Noah’s Ark is a story from the bible. To others, a failed WWII plan. For a group of conservationists, it was a daring conservation dream put into practice.

4 weeks ago

How hot air ballooning over Sossusvlei marked the start of Namibia’s desert tourism

Floating high over the sprawling dunes of the Namib sand sea on a crisp morning is not only a bucket list adventure. It also tells the story of desert tourism.

1 month ago

Discover Africa’s Heavenly Dark Sky Places

Africa is home to just two Dark Sky Places, both in Southern Africa. These two destinations offer unmatched stargazing opportunities, especially to see the Milky Way.

2 months ago

The 6 best peaks to summit in Africa

These six summits offer accessible mountaineering experiences, unique challenges and incomparable vistas in remote corners of Africa, from Malawi up to Morocco.

2 months ago

This man wants to reclaim Africa’s lost art

It's estimated that 90-95% of Africa’s known heritage is housed outside of the continent. There's now a growing movement to address this.

2 months ago

The remarkable reimagining of Zakouma National Park

The story of Zakouma is an unlikely tale of a park rising from the ashes and one of the most spectacular transformations in all of Africa.

2 months ago

Why the road to Die Hel is an off-road explorer’s dream

A semi-desert oasis awaits in an isolated kloof known as South Africa’s lost valley. Locals call it Gamkaskloof. Outsiders call it Die Hel.

2 months ago

A culinary guide to Kenya’s land of trees and honey

Watamu is not your typical foodie destination, but it’s a favourite among Italians who are rarely wrong about gourmet goodness.

2 months ago

Who are the Hyena Men of Nigeria?

One of the world’s most extraordinary street gangs, this travelling circus uses an intoxicating mix of voodoo and dangerous animals to make a living.

3 months ago

Let’s discuss a legendary mountain range called the Mountains of the Moon

This collection of peaks was whispered about for decades during the exploration era, often in the same breath as the source of the Nile. Today, there is one mountain range on the continent most often celebrated as antiquity’s Mountains of the Moon.

3 months ago

Explore Angola’s vibrant Luanda – and venture beyond the capital – when travel resumes

Angola implemented a more welcoming visa policy in 2020 to position itself as a new-frontier travel destination. A year later, we’re curious – where does this rising tourism star stand now?

3 months ago

Will Burrard-Lucas on photographing Laikipia’s mythical Black Leopards

Is it a panther? A dog? Pure legend? Laikipia's black leopards have been steeped in mystery and rumour until Will Burrard-Lucas got the world talking with stunning photos of this elusive cat.

3 months ago

An expert lists 6 of South Africa’s best, most wonderfully wild, walking safaris

From the Cape to Kruger, this walking safari expert selects her favourite multi-day wilderness adventures.

3 months ago

Wildly Romantic: 6 dreamy destinations to spend your African honeymoon

More than just a Big Five safari destination, Africa boasts some of the world’s most romantic holiday escapes; perfect for couples on their honeymoon.

3 months ago

The 10 Best Safari Destinations for First-timers to Africa

There are close to 300 national parks in Africa, each offering something extraordinary, but which one should you go to first?

4 months ago

5 African cats you probably haven’t heard about

Sure, you’ve heard about the BIG cats and they’re probably all on your safari bucket-list – but there are more curious felines to the African continent than the lion, leopard and cheetah.

4 months ago

The life aquatic: mythbusting Botswana’s iconic mokoro

In a country dominated by the Kalahari Desert, the very different Okavango Delta has long captivated travellers to Botswana. We discover this watery world via one of its oldest traditions: riding aboard a mokoro canoe.

4 months ago

Saving Kenya’s last Super Tuskers

Fewer than 20 of these incredible beasts walk the earth.

4 months ago

Hike up (then sleep beside) the world’s largest lava lake

Adventure awaits those willing to trek the Democratic Republic of Congo's volatile Mount Nyiragongo.

4 months ago

6 reasons why Rubondo Island in Tanzania is unlike any island you’ve ever been on

Travellers with a sense of adventure and appreciation for destinations far from Tanzania’s well-worn tourist circuits will love this freshwater island paradise.

5 months ago

In Photos: venture through Uganda’s riveting Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

In 1981, 250 mountain gorillas roamed the world. That number has soared to 1060, making gorilla trekking one of Africa's greatest conservation success stories.

5 months ago

Sudan has twice as many pyramids as Egypt – this is their little-told story

200 pyramids populate desert sands near the ancient city of Meroë, standing testament to a largely untold chapter of African history.

5 months ago

From Cape Town to the cups of royals, writers and revolutionaries: the wine that put South Africa’s vineyards on the map

Loved by Napoleon, immortalised by Austen, and requested in royal courts across Europe and by America's founding fathers, a Constantia wine's unlikely origins brought global acclaim to South Africa's vineyards and continues to do so today.

5 months ago

Why Lamu is one of the Indian Ocean’s best-kept secrets

Lamu soared to fame after Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger, and his then-wife Jerry Hall, visited in the 1970s. Yet this Kenyan island has been continuously inhabited since the 13th century and offers more than just an idyllic getaway.

5 months ago

12 Enthralling African destinations to add to your wander-list for 2021

2020 taught us many lessons. Chief among them? Never take travel for granted ever again.

6 months ago

Discover Africa’s last old-growth forests, the earth’s second green lung

While a rainforest once spanned the continent, Africa is now home to just 8% of the world’s ancient woodlands.

6 months ago

These bush stories explain why Mana Pools is considered one of Africa’s best parks

Maybe no other reserve is spoken of with as much reverence as Mana Pools. It’s the park-lover’s park, what guides dream of and where hard-core campers often return. We spoke to local experts and lifelong visitors to find out why.

7 months ago

Africa’s Top 9 Conservation-led Safaris

Travelling to Africa is more meaningful than you think. These conservation-led safaris make all the difference for a wilder world

7 months ago

Have you heard of Africa’s ‘other’ great wildebeest migration?

East Africa’s iconic Great Migration has been called ‘The greatest show on earth’, but there’s a Zambian version that some say is even better.

7 months ago

You can now sleep in a ‘Bird’s Nest’ in Laikipia

A Kenyan reserve now boasts one of the world's most unusual lodge experiences

7 months ago

The story of South Africa’s last forest elephant

Local lore has long whispered of the presence of the Knysna elephants, even though sightings were nothing but hearsay for decades.

7 months ago

Ngorongoro Crater: a Garden of Eden in the remnants of a volcano

There is one safari destination that is a world of its own - a truly unique microcosm encased within towering natural walls crafted by Mother Nature’s own hand.

7 months ago

In Photos: Benin Voodoo Festival

Benin’s famous Voodoo Festival is celebrated in the city of Ouidah every year in January, involving animal sacrifice, traditional masks and worshippers dressed as clan spirits.

7 months ago

The mysterious lives of Mafia Island’s whale sharks

Cousin to cultured Zanzibar, Mafia Island is Tanzania's smaller and lesser-known island destination. Lying some 160km to the south, it’s also the domain of ocean giants.

7 months ago

What’s so special about Baines’ Baobabs anyway?

In arid Botswana, a bevvy of Baobabs stand sentinel over an ancient inland sea. Now void of water for most of the year, these rugged trees owe their notoriety to a watercolour painting some 160 years old. 

8 months ago

Guide: The 15 types of African safaris

When it comes to choosing an African safari, the options can seem endless and rather confusing, so we decided to show you the lay of the land

8 months ago

8 Matrilineal African tribes worth knowing about

Ever heard the phrase ‘it’s a man’s world’? We've honed in on eight fascinating tribes where it pays - sometimes literally - to be a woman.

8 months ago