What the heck is a carbon-neutral safari anyway?

Emboo River Camp - Mara 2030

In a much grander gesture, the iconic African wildlife destination made a pioneering commitment during COP26. The Kenyan government recently announced that all vehicles and operations across the Maasai Mara and other natural areas must only rely on renewable energy. Situated within the National Reserve, Emboo River Camp is one sustainable safari lodge that’s ahead […]

Rwanda’s passionate female conservationist on Kigali’s best

Claudine Tuyishime

Singita’s 178-acre property sits on the border of Volcanoes National Park; one of four national parks in Rwanda and its most heavily patrolled. Home to one-third of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas, conservation of this precious habitat is an enormous priority. Claudine’s days involve environmental monitoring and protection, following up on the plant nursery and […]

The mysterious lives of Mafia Island’s whale sharks

Masked, finned and ready to go, I follow our expert guide from Butiama Beach lodge, slipping into the water with far less grace than he. Most operators here strive for an ethical animal encounter, of which I’d been carefully briefed on the boat before. Always give a whale shark a comfortable berth and keep clear […]

Africa’s Top 9 Conservation-led Safaris

Mara Conservancies walking safari Asilia

The World Travel and Tourism Council offers some figures. In 2019 wildlife-based tourism generated more than US$29 billion annually for Africa and employed 3.6 million people. The entire School of Wildlife Conservation (SoWC) revolves on the premise that to improve wildlife conservation in Africa truly; it must be owned and driven by Africans, benefit people, […]

Zimbabwe’s brilliant female environmental lawyer (and urban farmer) shares her Harare

African's Guide to Harare

Takudzwa’s conservation journey started in Hwange National Park. Her father worked there, which she says birthed an innate desire to protect wildlife and the environment. Today, Takudzwa’s experience includes co-authoring a Handbook for Prosecuting Wildlife Crimes and developing the first virtual training on wildlife crime and the law for authorities in Zimbabwe. She has drafted […]

Mapping the Makgadikgadi motherland: a quad bike cruise to Kubu Island

Quad Bike Across Makgadikgadi

I have butterflies before we set off. An unquashable exhilaration. I had visited Kubu Island before, but in a comfy 4WD vehicle from the south, a well-trodden track that leads into the Makgadikgadi from Botswana’s diamond-mining town of Lethlakane. This would be my fourth visit but on a far more unorthodox ride. Also read: What’s […]

This has to be Namibia’s most romantic honeymoon pod

The Desert Whisper

Once thoroughly advised on tyre replacement charges, puncture procedures, and wheel-changing ways, I hit the road in a lucratively lime green Suzuki Jimny 4WD rental car from Namibia2Go. As if a solo female traveller wasn’t unusual enough in this harsh environment, my drive drew even more attention in these contradictory beige surroundings. Perhaps all the […]

Two astonishing new UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Africa

Forest elephant Gabon

This year, the record engraved 29 more cultural sites and five new natural sites from across the globe. After analysing submissions from 2020 and 2021 (the committee has met annually since 1978, but didn’t convene last year due to COVID-19) the UNESCO World Heritage Committee added 34 new spots to its famous list. Just two […]

Crypto-conservation: can blockchain save our birds – and other beasts?

Conservation Funding

Better known for its crystalline waters and breathtaking beaches, Seychelles is also a birding destination. Travellers often flock there to tick off one of its 11 endemic species, such as the Seychelles magpie-robin. Once widespread, this bird occurred on many islands within the Seychelles archipelago, including prominent destinations such as Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. […]